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PeoplePerHour Your Freelancing Gateway!

So you're a creative, you're ready to work but no-one is hiring. Does that sound like you? If so then you need People Per Hour! People Per Hour is: UK-based company that provides a website for the advertisement of freelance work. Founded in 2007 by [...]
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Logolounge – GDUSA – May 2013

Forecasting the near future in design is a reflection of society’s concerns. With such rapid shifts in technology and social media, consumers react to a fear of being left behind. At one time, keeping up with trends meant reading a […]

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Tips Feature preview: 15 Top Tips for professional designers

Use gradient shape effectively Ari Weinkle / Ari Weinkle is an artist and designer who has been working in the industry for six years, during which time he has worked for clients such as Adobe and Shutterstock. He created […]

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Studio Interview preview: Moonbot Studios

Moonbot Studios began when friendships converged to form a place of outstanding individual talent. Partners Brandon Oldenburg, William Joyce and Lampton Enochs all had experience in different areas of the entertainment industry. The three teamed up to tell the stories […]

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Liquid paint effects

Paint splash effects can be used in many ways. One that’s very popular is to replace clothing by using photo stock. This wouldn’t be possible without Photoshop however. The Pen tool is especially useful for selecting and cutting out. Isolating […]

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RAW Wars

Adobe Camera RAW (ACR) software has been seen as the benchmark for converting RAW files for some time now. However, that all could change with the introduction of DxO Labs’ own challenger – Optics Pro 8 Elite. In the following […]

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Photoshop CC now available as a single desktop application

  Great news for those subscribing to a Creative Cloud for Teams membership. Now you can purchase single desktop applications, such as Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC and InDesign CC! Adobe has  announced today this new version of Adobe Creative Cloud […]

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Hitler at War: All About History issue 2 free preview

All About History issue 2 is on sale now from all good newsagents and supermarkets, the Imagine Shop and Great Digital Mags. Below are some of the highlights from the issue. Exploration! Our opening section this month looks back at […]

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Interview with DKNG

  Like many other studio start-up stories, this one begins with two college friends who took very different paths before teaming up to form their own design studio: DKNG. Founder Dan Kuhlken studied graphic design, aware that this would eventually […]

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Create paint splash stock

Working with paint can be very messy, which is why many of us will invest in existing photo stock, adding this to our paint splat images instead. However, what if we knew how to shoot in a controlled environment to […]

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