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Cinema 4D R14 in all it’s amazing glory!

Recently Maxon announced and unveiled the new revision of their Cinema 4D 3D package and I was blown away by the advancements. Along with the usual performance enhancements and UI tweaks the new revision is packed full of new features […]

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Free Cinema 4D Grass Object

Hi all, i’m back again with another free download, the “Cinema 4D grass object”. Render preview (without sky dome): This download contains the ground plane, grass simulation with settings and the grass texture. You will need Cinema 4D 11+ with […]

Free Cinema 4D Light Boxes

Hi folks, I am back again for another lighting download for Cinema 4D. This time its the free cinema 4d light boxes I have been on Twitter talking about. Here we have a set of three lighting soft boxes that you […]

Build a great Light Studio in Cinema 4D.

Hi folks! I have been asked by @stacycobb on Twitter to produce a lighting tutorial cinema 4D. You’ll learn how to build a functional light studio in #C4D thats great for lighting a product viz or a demonstration scene. I […]

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Cinema 4D Axis Centre help

Hi folks, A quick tip today, whilst looking at #C4D on Twitter I noticed a tweet asking how to give an imported item a center point. This can be done a couple ways, the easiest way being the Axis Center […]

Pyrocluster Flamethrower, Cinema 4D.

Hi all, I rescued this from a forum I posted in a while ago.. I wanted to recreate a flamethrower for a Science Fiction scene I was working on. Not only did I want the flamethrower to look good I […]

Lighting an outdoor scene in Cinema 4D

I have been asked by a few people how to light a great outdoor scene in Cinema 4D and to be honest the question is a big one. There are many approaches to this task and different people will show […]

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Digi Nouveau iOS App!

Hi folks, I have released a native iOS app for use on iPhones, this app connects you to the content of my website! You can view recent works, email me, tweet me, find me on the map and see examples […]

The Sheringham Project.

I have volunteered to undertake design work for The Mo, Sheringham Museum. My first brief is to recreate Sheringham’s main street which is; Station road and High street, in a 3D fly-through a animation. I have begun to build the […]

Beetlejuice House Model, Finished.

After only about 3 hours of work my Beelejuice Maitland’s house is finished, WIP can be found here. I have textured it totally with procedural shaders and no picture UV’s. I used Cinema 4D’s ‘hair’ module for the grass which […]

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