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The Sheringham Project.

I have volunteered to undertake design work for The Mo, Sheringham Museum. My first brief is to recreate Sheringham’s main street which is; Station road and High street, in a 3D fly-through a animation. I have begun to build the […]

Isayev: “Operation Coldhawk”

I have had a lot of people ask me this academic year what I have been doing. Whilst that is a broad question they invariably mean “what is it I am doing for my final project”.  So here it is! “Isayev: […]

BA8, It’s been emotional!

So we’re finally at the end of times. This will be my final evaluation written for Games Art & Design and NUCA and my time there has been emotional, but this isn’t an evaluation on my time at University but […]

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The Sunday Times on a Tuesday?

Earlier this year I went down to Thomas More Square in London for a two week internship at the Sunday Times! I was fortunate enough to be the first student from Games Art and Design to be offered this experience […]

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Indy Mogul’s Captain American “Behind the Scenes”

I have looked towards Indy Mogul a lot over BA7 & 8, this is a recent addition and particularly highlights similar issues that I experienced on location and during production. Go and see their Behind-the-Scenes footage at:

AE CS5 preview of features

I am looking forward to this, CS5 looks like its going to be a prized addition to the Creative Suite family. I have already seen that a number of techniques I am using now in my live sequence have been […]

Battling in L.A!

I forgot about this article I read in March, Failes writes another informative piece on ‘behind-the-scenes’ this time it’s Battle for L.A. I enjoyed the article because it highlights just how wide the industry is with regard to software proficiency. […]

Inventing Fantasy, a work in progress!

So we are now firmly into the summer, and final, semester of the academic year, that means that my final project piece is near completion… Wrong! Well that is half true I suppose, I have my pre-production guide, I have […]

Another salute to Andrew Kramer!

Video Copilot to the rescue again! This time Andrew’s brilliant tutorial on how to create a meteor impact has helped me in my VFX sequence, I cant really do the video justice by saying “how great and wonderful..” it is […]

Film Riot’s “War Film: How-to”

These guys really do amaze me, I first saw this video a while back, before BA7, and decided I wanted to attempt something similar. The way these guys tackle it is great, its easy to understand and has allowed me […]