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Pro-Grades & Real Retro Photoshop Filters Premium Filter Pack

Pro-Grades & Real Retro Photoshop Filters Hi guys. I am back again with another fantastic download for Adobe Photoshop. This is the first of my ‘Premium’ Filter Action Packs, Pro-Grades & Real Retro Photoshop Filters. This pack contains thirteen filters that […]

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Filter Action Pack 7: Lightroom Presets

Hi guys, i’m back again with another preset Filter Action Pack! This time I have a pack specifically for those creatives that use Adobe Lightroom! With these Lightroom preset filters you can quickly add eight different effects to your shots. Unlike Photoshop […]

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Filter Action Pack 6: Enhance Photoshop

Hi all, a small download today. I compiled my most used photo enhancement filters into a handy action pack for you. These allow you to enhance photoshop photos or images by adding effects at the click of a button without having to […]

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Filter Action Pack 5: Bi-Colour Photoshop

Hi folks, another filter action pack for you, Bi-Colour Photoshop! These simple one click filter actions allow you to add splashes of colour to your photos. These work on your base photos once imported into Photoshop, or rather the layer […]

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Filter Action Pack 4: Cross Process

Hi everyone, keeping the pace going here is my Filter Action Pack 5: Cross Process Photoshop. This pack allows you to quickly add different chemical cross processing to your Photoshop images. Contained in the download are four popular cross-process filters, […]

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Filter Action Pack 3: After Effects Color Presets

Hi folks. Today I am back with another Adobe related download. This time we have free After Effects color presets, give your footage that movie feel for free! Quickly and easily add flair to your raw footage with one of […]

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Filter Action Pack 2: Tilt Shift Photoshop Generator

Hi guys, another great download today. This follows on from my Retro Filters for Photoshop action I released a while back, this pack allows you to quickly and easily add Tilt Shift to your Photoshop photos! Built specifically for those without […]

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Market Me Suite Desktop app OSX

Hi guys, a quick post today, yesterday I was tweeted by @WizOne on Twitter to ask about my desktop Market Me Suite application. For those of you that follow the blog you probably already have your own desktop web-apps by […]

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Free Portfolio Slideshow After Effects Project

Hi guys, today we have a free After Effects projects template available to download. This is a simple, smooth and sleek file that is easily customisable and extensible. My aim here was to create a quick template that I could […]

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Filter Action Pack 1: Retro Filters for Photoshop

Hi folks, I am back with a slightly different download today, an action pack that allows you to apply retro filters for Photoshop, easy, quick and simple one-click retro filters for your photo’s. There is a separate filter action to […]

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